13 Yujiro Hanma Quotes To Kickstart Your Day!


#7 Baki the grappler Quotes

You both better make a strong hanma grandson for me.

yujiro hanma quotes

I have been wanting to share these edits for a while, but time and fandom don’t go hand in hand. What else do you wish to see? Do let me know about it, and I will be happy to share some more quotes for you guys.

With these quotes, my plan has been to spread positive messages around the world. We live in a fast moving world. Everything happens at instantly. Keeping up  is hard. The heat and pressure is always real, which often leads to depression and hate.

One of my friends, committed suicide due to his work. It was saddening, that’s when I decided to make time to simple tasks such as these and spread positive messages. So, people understand there’s more to life than just burning up sitting in front of a computer twenty four seven. With these quotes, if I’m able to impact at least one person, then it’s big deal for me.

If these pictures helped you in any way, considering sharing them on Pinterest. So more and more people can join in and understand the motivation behind these. Also, if you guys have suggestions and feedback, do let me know, I’m more than willing to correct myself when needed.

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