Yet another confession on Naruto’s ending! Life is really gonna be hard~

Fan confession #2

​During childhood, I watched this series in bits and pieces, and I thought Naruto was the most clumsy, loud-mouthed and idiotic person ever. (Part of it is still true, for me) Growing up, and watching it all over again, I still adored the most unpredictable, hyper-active, knucklehead ninja, but I saw him in a different light. And eventually, I found myself thinking differently. The small things in life like a bowl of instant ramen, a prank pulled with friends, the deep conversations about a friend who’s not where he used to be: they became so much more special for me. Truthfully, if I hadn’t started watching Naruto again, I wouldn’t have been the person I am right now.

Maybe its his ‘never give up’ attitude, or his adorableness, or loyalty towards his friends: Naruto never fails to be a source of inspiration in one way or the other. And it isn’t just the protagonist who is awesome, its everyone else in the series. Itachi, Kakashi, Hinata, Obito, Minato, Jiraiya: all of them are my all time favorite characters, and most of them don’t even have a pivotal role. And they have taught me so much. Its still really hard to accept that my first and most favorite anime is coming to an end, that I can’t look forward to that Tuesday or Thursday when new episodes are released, that I can’t just lose myself in a new, unexplored episode and forget about the world for 20 short minutes.
Yes, its going to be hard.
The deaths of the characters struck deep, that’s for sure, but I’ll dare to relive Itachi and Jiraiya and Obito’s death once I know its all over and that everyone’s safe (for a while) with a sweet kind of pain. It’s going to hurt, but who ever said that its easy to say goodbye to the ones you love?
This is for every Naruto fan who’s going to be heartbroken when the anime ends. Of course, it will be hard, but you’ve got to believe it, no matter what. And that’s what Naruto has taught us: to accept whatever comes in our way and face it with sass and bravery.



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