13 Kickass Yagate Kimi Ni Naru Quotes (Bloom Into You)

Yagate kimi ni naru Review

Yuu like most people love shoujo manga and eagerly waits for the day when someone goes head over heals for her. Despite many of her classmates, confessing to her, she never felt the same towards them. She wanted her heart to flutter, skip a beat and drench in blood.

Disappointed, she starts high school all confused. But things change for better when she sees Nanami turn down the absolute best without a second thought. She was shocked. So she herself confesses to Nanami. What happens next? Well, it’s something you must find out.

Yagate Kimi ni Naru, also called Bloom into you is a Japanese yuri manga series written by Nio Nakatani. The manga began in April 2015, and is published underr the Dengeki Comics NEXT label.

Bloom into you is similar to Citrus, but comes with lot of complexity. It handles the ups and downs of a relationship in a mature, different from traditional yuri anime and manga.

If you are into romance anime, this is must watch, considering how the characters develop over time. One of them is confused, the other doesn’t want romance, yet their hearts flutter when they meet each other.  That aside, the anime has no exxagerated traits, super human powers nor unwanted complexity. The anime is one of the highlights of 2018.

I hope you liked these bloom into you quotes, I’ll be adding more when the anime gets updated.

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