Workshop: Make your own Naruto t-shirt at home!

A little while ago I was searching for a good Naruto t-shirt, but I couldn’t find something that I liked enough to spend $20 (I actually use euros) on it. Since most of those websites are American, I would have to wait two whole weeks for the shirt to arrive too. I thought to myself: What if I just made some shirts myself? So, I went to a few local stores and came back with some dirt-cheap t-shirts and some transfer paper. 3 euros for 2 t-shirts and another 3 euros for 5 sheets of transfer paper seems like a good deal to me.

transfer paper

images of chibi Naruto and the Uchiha clan crest









I then went looking for some images that I liked. I came across these of chibi Naruto in Kurama chakra-mode (featured in this post) and one of the Uchiha clan crest (not featured in this post, sorry). When I had made sure the image’s colors were good I printed it onto the transfer paper. The image has to be printed in reverse! After waiting for it to dry for 30 minutes I cut out the image like shown below. It still has a thin white edge.
chibi Naruto on transfer paperafter cutting out chibi Naruto on the transfer paper








Now all that is left is to iron it onto one of the shirts. Maximum heat (minimum 160 degrees Celsius) and no steam (important)! Make sure to choose a good spot for the image, so it’s visible. Ironing has to be done continuously for roughly 90 seconds. After ironing, it will have to cool for about 15 minutes to be safe. This is a very important step, because it will allow the top layer of paper to come off easily.

ironing the transfer paper with the imagetransfer paper with image is cooling









At last I got to peel off the top layer of paper, so the image that was underneath would be revealed. I was relieved when I saw it actually looked good.

peeling off the top layer of transfer paperthe finished product!










I really hope I inspired you to try something like this yourselves sometime. I had fun working on this project as the anticipation of a t-shirt with chibi Naruto on it was great! As always, make sure to tell me what you think and even if you just want to have a chat, just comment and I will read and reply as soon as possible.

Have a wonderful day!



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