Will Otis and Maeve get together?

From the way the story is progressing, I would say Otis and Maeve will definitely get together. But it will definitely take some time. In the first season Ola was brought to be the fiddle in between them.

Similarly in the second season, Isaac was brought to get in between Otis and Maeve. Going by the story, they will definitely get together in the third season. But that would mean the story would end.

Does Otis end up with Maeve?

Even if they get together, there’s a big chance that they pickup a fight and eventually dissolve. Soon, things might change and they’ll try to patch things up.

This time they want to get together, but distance can come in between them. As they’re high school seniors. As you can see, there’s lot of room for exploration.

Not to forget, other characters need to develop too. What if Ruby and Otis get together? You never know. They had a really good chemistry. What if Isaac and Maeve get together?

But let’s hope for the best in season 3 of sex education. Let’s hope that Maeve and Otis end up together.

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