Will Otis and Maeve get together?

Will Otis and Maeve get together?

Otis and Maeve will get together.

But before that, let’s analyze the current scenario, and help you with why they’ll actually get together.

There are very few shows on Netflix that can keep you hooked for hours together. Even fewer that leaves you with a memory once it ends.Sex education is one such series.

The first season came in as a complete surprise. The show was an instant hit, thanks to the amazing characters, music and not to forget plot. The first season surely left people wanting for more.

But more than anything, they wanted Otis and Maeve to get together. It was something every single sex education fan was craving for. After an year of waiting, Netflix finally releases season 2 of Sex education. Everyone’s happy, as they’ll get to see Otis and Maeve together.

But unfortunately they don’t. In season 1 of sex education Ola came in between Otis and Maeve. In the second season of sex education, it’s Isaac who comes in between of Maeve and Otis. Everyone, who wanted Maeve and Otis to pair, was super mad at Isaac. Even some going on to write blogs on how much they hate him.

Which brings us to the question

Will Maeve and Otis get together?


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