Will Little Witch Academia Season 3 Release?

Little Witch Academia Season 3 Release Date


Akko, Lotte, Sucy, and the rest of the Luna Nova Magical Academy may have more adventures coming up! A slight edit on the official Little Witch Academia website had fans buzzing about a second season, i.e after the first season finished airing.

While no sequel was officially announced, the website’s URL directed fans to the “tv1st” landing page of the Little Witch Academia TV series. Fans are hoping that this implies that a “tv2nd” is being produced. Eventually, fans got a season 2.

For those of you out of the loop, Little Witch Academia is one of Studio Trigger’s most popular franchises. It started out as a one-off OVA before receiving a crowdfunded sequel. Both OVAs proved popular enough to warrant the production of a TV series.

Little Witch Academia has the feel of a Harry Potter anime, which has led to its international appeal. The story centers around Akko, a girl who wishes to become a witch after seeing a Shiny Chariot live magical performance. She meets Lotte and Sucy at Luna Nove Magical Academy, and the trio gets into all kinds of mischief together.

The TV anime aired in the Winter 2017 season and ran for 25 episodes.

Will Little Witch Academia Season 3 Release?

As of writing this, we don’t know anything. But, we’ll make sure to update the thread once we have sufficient information regarding the same.

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