Will High Seas Season 2 Release?

High Seas Season 2 Release Date

As of now no announcement has been made on another season. But according to Whatsonnetflix, the series will get a part II by the end of the year. Similar to how La Casa De Papel was released.

A show’s renewal depends on lots of factors like how will it was received by the audience, amount of people watching it and more. So, let’s hope that we get another season of this amazing show as it was fantastic.

High Seas Review

On a personal note, I enjoyed every bit of the show. The show had everything in it, spice, fights and drama most importantly. The series was also well directed, complimented by great actors. The series is getting another part for sure, but we don’t know whether the story will end there. Hopefully, we’ll get more. As that’s all that matters.

What do you think of Alta Mar? Do you want Alta Mar season 2 ? Do let me know about it via the comments section.



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