Why Sasuke is Awesome

Why Sasuke is Awesome

Sasuke is one of the most underrated characters, and is hated by many. While it’s understandable, he certainly doesn’t deserve all the hate, he is been given. Why?

  • At a young age, he witnessed the death of his family members & friends at the hands of his very own brother. Anyone who goes through even close to such a massacre ends up being traumatized.
  • Sasuke went through severe trauma, but he managed to pick himself back up and did the impossible.
  • He knew staying in the village would hinder his progress. Also, the problems that come with joining Orochimaru. Yet, he managed to extract every inch of his knowledge, and then finished Orochimaru off.
  • It takes guts to go to Orochimaru, considering how much of a messed u character he was.
  • He had multiple chances to finish of Naruto, but didn’t because he understood the importance.
  • Yes, he wanted to destroy Konoha. But, he wasn’t alone. Every single village plotted against the others, so he wasn’t knew.
  • In the end, after the war, he decided to protect Konoha from the shadows. Very few do that.
  • He killed Danzo, who was one of the most messed up characters in the narutoverse.

I could go on, but Sasuke is awesome. Let us all admit it.

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