Anime Debunked: Why People Love Anime So Much?

Why People Love Anime

When I was in highschool, I made fun of my friends for watching anime. To teach me a lesson, my friend slipped Naruto onto my pendrive.

As fate would have it, I ended up watching it to kill my boredom one day and that is the beginning of my journey as an otaku. Week after week, I gave my pendrive to my friend for more episodes, sometimes he would forget and I’d make the face of a cocaine addicted monkey. What was it about Naruto that made me love it? Let me rephrase it, what is it about Anime that makes people go nuts over it?


#1 There is a lot you can relate to

Many people start an anime for reasons aplenty, but what gets them hooked is them being able to relate to the protagonist in lot of ways.

In Naruto, there are n number of characters and it is obvious that you might end up relating to one or the other. Seeing a part of yourself onscreen, makes you sympathize with the character. When your hero hurts you hurt, because you’ve gone through something similar in life. Hence.

#2 Growing from pain

What’s common in One Piece, Naruto and Bleach? They’ve shitheads screaming things! Nope. The heroes in these beat the odds and conquer the world. No matter what the situation, they give it their all to reach the top. A lot of us are in similar situation.

Beaten, broken and insulted by the world around us. By watching our favourite characters grow strong from a similar situation, gives us a dopamine hit like no other. This is the reason, why fan girls go gaga over Justin Bieber, it’s not about him but the songs they relate themselves with.

#3 Escapism

Everyone wants to escape from the humdrum of everyday life and retreat into a world of fantasy. Anime does just that, with each episode your senses wander deeper into the trench, thus creating an alternate reality where you can be yourself.

#4 Story, Characters, Comedy and Music

Right from the time we were born, our parents read us bedtime stories. There was some warmth in it. Anime is similar, but a lot more complicated.

The highly successful anime are successful not just because of great stories, it’s also because of the awesome music and comedy that comes along with it. The best ones are the ones which are able to deliver everything in a package. Hence.

This is my opinion on why people are addicted to anime. If you have a different one, feel free to let me know about it in the comments. It’s good to know about more than one thing.

Why I love anime

I’ve been watching anime for sometime now. The reason I love anime so much is because it let’s me explore a world outside of reality. I’m tired and bored of reality. There’s nothing to get excited about anymore, but anime gives me new dimensions and plots to explore.

It gets me thinking. Which is why I love anime so much. Gaming can do the same, except you have to put in more effort when it comes to gaming. Anime is exploration without moving a finger.



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