Why is Todoroki’s eye blue and the other grey?

Why is Todoroki’s eye blue and grey?

Todoroki’s one eye is blue and the other is grey. Similar to his quirk and hair, it is mixed. Many have been asking this question for a while now, hence decided to explore the topic a bit further.

Todoroki’s eye color mismatch is there from birth. It is a rare genetic condition referred to as Heterochromia and in fact is quite possible in the real world.

Shoto Todoroki simply possesses that minor bit of genetics that causes his eyes to possess two differing pigments, in this case blue and grey. It has nothing to do with him being burned as a child or any sort of ‘half-blindness’. It’s just genetics.

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What color are todoroki‘s eyebrows?

Todoroki‘s eyebrows are white and red as you can see in the below picture.

Is Todoroki blind in his left eye?

No, Todoroki is not blind.

What color is todoroki‘s scar?

Todoroki‘s scar is brownish in colour as hot water was splashed on his face when he was a kid by his mother.

Who is Todoroki girlfriend?

As of writing this Todoroki doesn’t have a girlfriend.

Understanding Todoroki‘s scar

Todoroki is one of the most badass characters in Boku no hero academia. What makes him unique is the fact that he had to go through lot of abuse in childhood, yet managed to come out strong. Todoroki‘s father Endeavor married his mom to create the most unique child, a combination of ice and fire.

The first three kids were normal, but Todoroki turned out to be the ultimate combo. Todoroki‘s mom was going through severe depression as Endeavor abused her mentally. During a mental breakdown, she pired hot water all over him.

What does Todoroki mean?

The name Todoroki means nothing. It is an ancient Japanese surname.

Why did Todoroki’s mom burn him?

Todoroki’s mom was constantly abused and beaten by Endeavor. Which made her mentally sick, and lead upto hating Todoroki. Eventually, all the hatred spilled out at once when she accidentally spilt water on Todoroki’s face, which lead to burn marks.

Is Todoroki blind in his left eye?

No, Todoroki is not blind in his left eye. On the contrary, he has distinctive eyes.

Why did Todoroki have a red eye?

His mom burned him by mistake.


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