Why does Oikawa hate Kageyama?

Oikawa hates Kageyama

There’s a phrase that goes along the lines of ” A dynamite comes in small packets”. The same can be said for Haikyuu’s number 10 Hinata Shoyo, who despite all odds is the centre of the volleyball team.

With pure determination and hard work he goes on to Nationals by the end of season 3.

Oikawa Tooru is similar to him. Despite all odds, he ditched Shiratorizawa so that he can play volleyball with his friends. From the start till the end, there’s one thing we observere, Oikawa hated Kageyama. But Why?

Did Oikawa really hate Kageyama?

Oikawa despite showing hate for Kageyama, gave him valuable tips when needed which ultimately ended up in his team’s loss. But why did he tip Kageyama? It can be attributed to the fact that men love facing other men at full force.

oikawa tooru quotes

It is a symbolism of Oikawa’s character, honesty and the absolute belief in himself and his team.

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