Why does Midoriya call Bakugou Kacchan?

So, what did I learn from Boku hero no academia?

  • A true hero is one who meddles in others business when there is no need!
  • We all are heroes. A true hero is the one who helps others, be it a fireman who helps exhaust fires or boat rescue team, all of them do their job to ensure our safety.
  • Sometimes, miracles happen. Hard work won’t necessarily make you successful, but it might some day be the path that leads to a miracle, similar to how Deku became a hero despite having zero super powers.

The second season…

The second season starts off with sports festival, which puts light on other characters. The one thing I like about this anime is, it gives enough importance to all the secondary characters and their history.

Comparatively, One Punch man was completely centered around Saitama. For example, in Boku hero no academiaTodoroki Shoto and Lida, were given more screen time than the main character Midoriya, which makes it more worthy of your time.

Is it worth watching?

Absolutely!The following make it worth watching-

  1. Great characters design. Every character is unique, you won’t get bored watching the same color everywhere like Durarara.
  2. Slow paced. The story goes from mediocre to hardcore in just one season!
  3. Light hearted. For those of you who are tired of watching intense anime, this is surely worth your time.
  4. No age barrier, no harem! Peace.

That being said, this is just my fair and honest opinion. You are free to form your own, once your done watching. If you have contradicting opinions do let me know about it in the comments. Looking forward to hearing from you.





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