Why does Midoriya call Bakugou Kacchan?

I’m not a big fan of superhero anime anymore, but I can’t deny the fact that I’ve enjoyed my fair share of it. What makes me sick when it comes to superhero anime are the overpowered characters and emotions over strength. Which is deep shit when you make the switch to reality. So for a long time I just gave up on Superhero anime and went on to enjoy romance, slice of life and couple of other genres of anime. But you know what they say, if you really like something you can’t stay away from it. Hence, after going through tens of recommendation blogs and cross verifying with other otakus, I decided to give Boku no Hero Academia a chance.

After finishing the first two episodes, I was skeptical. It looked like every other anime, but I decided to keep at it since I had started and didn’t want to spend more time searching for anime, and I’m glad I did as by the end of the first season, things got really serious. The plot was great, the character development was spot on and not to forget the villains and suspense it was eating pizza in Naples. I was craving for more and more. But as I continued watching couple of questions intrigued me with one of them being, “Why does Midoriya call Bakugou kacchan even though Kacchan hates him?

Bakugo and Midoriya grew up in the same neighborhood. Every kid in the colony called him Kacchan in fact. But with time love, friends and values fade and the same can be said of nicknames. People stopped calling Bakugo Kacchan because they felt he no longer was a kid. To add to it, Bakugo was going stronger day by day and hence everyone feared. The validation he received from people was probably because he was too scary. Regardless Deku continued calling him Kacchan. It can be attributed to three things-

  • Even though Bakugo treats Midoriya like shit, he still calls him Bakugo because it’s a habit he can’t shake. He’s just used to it and the word Bakugo has in fact vanished from his dictionary.
  • The second reason Midoriya calls Bakugo Kacchan is due to respect. Even though he was constantly abused and beaten by Bakugo, he admired Bakugo secretly. He loved his tenacity, his quirk, the way he could handle it and everything about it. If there was no All Might Midoriya would’ve probably admired him.
  • The third and final argument is probably the closest answer to reality. It’s Midoriya’s way of coping with abuse from Bakugo. People in abusive relationships keep on telling themselves, no matter what things get better with time. The same can said of Midoriya, he doesn’t want to let go of the happy picture of Kacchan created in his head and hence he subconsciously addresses Bakugo as Kacchan.

What’s your theory regarding this? Let me know via the comments section, I’d be more than happy to hear them from you guys 🙂

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