Why does Kaneki crack his fingers?

Furthermore, Hide even revealed that Kaneki is a very good at role playing, in layman terms putting on a mask. This is the keystone to Kaneki’s character.

He was role playing someone else, i.e Jason and Rize who were much stronger than him.

In chapter 116, when Kaneki saw Rize’s state, he said “this is the Rize I knew and I talked to in the cafe”. Idependent, Bold and ruthless.

That’s why I hate her strength. Also, Kaneki said something along these lines 

If the Rize I don’t know doesn’t exist anymore, my strength was nothing but an illusion. “

This is where he started to crumble, the centipede in hos ear starts fading, Jason dies and lastly the strength which he received impersonating the two also start to fade.



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