Why didn’t Taki write his name on Mitsuha’s hand?

In the fall of 2016, the anime community witnessed something so ordinary yet special. Your name became the highest grossing anime feature film in the world, even though it had just hit the American shores. On of the highlights of the movie was when Taki met Mitsuha near the shrine, just before the meteor strike, Taki tells Mitsuha something special. Taki tells Mitsuha that they should write each others name on their hands. But taki doesn’t write his name on Mitsuha’s hand.

Kimi no na wa writing on hand translation

So, what did Taki write on Mitsuha’s hand? Instead of writing his name, Taki writes “suki”, which can be translated to “I love you” in English leaving Mitsuha with no other way to remember his name.

What did taki write on mitsuha's hand

Why didn’t Taki write his name on Mitsuha’s hand?

Taki didn’t write his name on Mitsuha’s hand because he wanted to tell Mitsuha what he really felt about her. He wanted to showcase his feelings and how much she really meant to her in the very little time they had. The chances of them meeting in the future might be rare, considering there might have been people with same names, time constraints or any other unknown circumstances. But by revealing his true feelings, he didn’t keep Mitsuha waiting forever. It is important to note that something like this needs to be looked at emotionally rather than objectively.

From a fandom point of view, this is really frustrated as this is not how we wanted it to end, but some things in life are best left unsaid. If you look at it from the director and writer’s perspective, it wasn’t completely baseless. It was done with a purpose to add more meaning and depth anime. The fact that they took the nontraditional route, makes it all the while worthwhile to cherish it for a really, really long time.

Very frustrating, probably done on purpose by the writer but not completely baseless.

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