Why did soma lose to erina in food wars?

In Food Wars, Soma and Erina had a cooking competition during the Moon Festival arc. Erina won the competition, and there were a few factors that contributed to Soma’s loss:
  1. Theme: The competition had a specific theme, which was to create a dish that represented their hometown. Erina’s dish, called “God’s Tongue Oyster Curry,” showcased her hometown’s famous oysters and was praised for its unique flavor and presentation. Soma’s dish, called “Yukihira Style Fragrant Butter Pilaf Inarizushi,” was also praised for its unique flavor, but did not fully capture the essence of his hometown.
  2. Judges: The judges for the competition were a group of renowned chefs and food critics, who had high expectations and discriminating palates. Although Soma’s dish was well-received, it was ultimately not enough to beat Erina’s dish, which was deemed more impressive and innovative.
  3. Experience: Erina had more experience and training in high-end cuisine, having grown up in a family of renowned chefs and attending a prestigious culinary academy. Soma, on the other hand, had developed his skills through his family’s diner and his own self-taught techniques.

Overall, Soma’s loss to Erina was a result of various factors, including the specific theme of the competition, the judges’ preferences, and Erina’s experience and skill in high-end cuisine. Despite his loss, Soma continued to improve his cooking skills and techniques, and went on to compete in many other competitions throughout the series.

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