Why did Mitsuki leave the village?

The reason I’m emphasizing on this fact is because in an earlier episode of Boruto we did see the ‘old Mitsuki’ rebelling against Orochimaru.

We all know that Orochimaru created Mitsuki. But why? There’s  no concrete answer to this question. Sure, Orochimaru is a mad scientist but he doesn’t start something without a long term goal.

Is Orochimaru related to Otsutsuki clan? Does he have some sort of deal with them? I don’t have a concrete answer to this question but we’re bound to see epic action in the coming weeks related to Mitsuki. In layman terms, the shit is getting serious.

Boruto makes a mini Rasengan


Mitsuki the next Sasuke!

There’s been lot of debate in the narutoverse whether Mitsuki is going to be the next Sasuke, considering how things are going. How come?

  • Both characters are connected to important figures of power.
  • Both Mitsuki and Sasuke are connected to highly powerful people.
  • Sasuke and Mitsuki, both of them underwent through some kind of identity crisis in their younger days.
  • They were left under the Hokage’s care as orphans.
  • The obvious connection to Boruto and Naruto.
  • Sasuke and Mitsuki both have older brothers who were powerful and coined villains.
  • The chakra nature.

To top it all, there have been rumors about teams going after a rogue team member in Boruto. Mitsuki is the number one suspect from every angle. But all of this is pure speculation. We don’t know anything for sure. But the chances of Mitsuki turning out to be a villain is highly likely considering the fact that even Tsunade was brought for inspection and the way he stormed out of Konoha without much regard for the guards.

Before you leave, check out some of the coolest Mitsuki Wallpapers

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