Why did Mitsuki leave the village?

In the preview of the next episode, i.e 72, we see that all of Mitsuki’s friends as well Konahamaroo were in a state of confusion when they got to know about it. Sarada and Boruto decide to find out more about Mitsuki. But before all that let’s take a look at why Mitsuki might’ve left the village.

Mitsuki might be a part of Orochimaru’s long term plans. We don’t know what his plans are but if there’s anything that we all can agree upon is, then it’s the fact that we can never ever trust a hideous villain like Orochimaru. Mitsuki was sent to Konoha to investigate whether Boruto is the sun to his moon. The mission put him in a state of confusion as he wasn’t sure whether he really felt the same towards Boruto or whether he was manipulated by Orochimaru all this time to feel this.

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