Why did Kaneki Join Aogiri Tree?

When the  first episode of Tokyo Ghoul √A aired, Kaneki went with Aogiri (we don’t know why yet). However he did the exact opposite in the manga. Instead he tried to create a group to fight Aogiri. The second season of Tokyo Ghoul is different from the original manga in lot of ways, but what makes it admirable is the fact that producers compressed over 100 chapters in just 12 episodes. To understand why Kaneki joined Aogiri, we first need to understand why Tokyo Ghoul anime deviated from the manga. 

Kaneki, both in the anime and manga was looking for just one thing. The strength to protect his loved ones, nothing more, nothing less.  In the manga we found this out using hardcore character development chapter after chapter. Whereas, in the anime it was explicitly stated as why he joined Aogiri. The real problem with the anime was not plot, but rather the character development.

As stated above the producers did a wonderful job at compressing over 100 chapters into a single season. There are plenty of differences in the anime and manga, but they always ended up with the same conclusion. Despite that, the anime emphasized on things like Rize’s appearance and development who was the catalyst in Kaneki’s identity and power. The manga however was ridiculously slow with developments on every front including CCG.

Now let’s get to the real question-

Why did Kaneki Join Aogiri Tree?

kaneki's hair turning white



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