Why did Kakashi kill Rin?

But, why did the Mist shinobi kidnap Rin?

You must be wondering right? Let me tell you, why! The Mist shinobi were controlled by Uchiha Madara using his Sharingan. He made them kidnap Rin and seal  Isobu (The 3 tails) inside Rin.


Wanna know why?

He did this to get Obito to the dark side and make him a part of his plan, project Tsukyomi!

Everything was planned neatly by Madara, so that he could use Obito. Isn’t that sad?

kakashi kill rin

This was shown in chapter 625 of the Manga.

As a side note, I’d like to add these things: Never play with other’s feelings!

Did Kakashi Love Rin? Or vice versa Did Rin Love Kakashi?

Kakashi loved Rin as a friend. It was the same for Rin. Rin loved Kakashi as a friend. Nothing more, nothing less. As teammates they had mutual admiration for each other.



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