Why did Kakashi kill Rin?

Obito Uchiha, even though crushed under the rock near Kannabi Bridge entrusted Rin’s safety to Kakashi. But, unfortunately Kakashi couldn’t protect Rin and even ended up killing her. But, why would Kakashi kill a comrade after witnessing Obito’s tragic end? Something isn’t right here, isn’t it? let’s dig a little deeper!

Why did Kakashi let Rin die?

Shortly after the third great ninja war, Rin was kidnapped by the ninja’s of the village hidden in the Mist.

The Mist shinobi’s later on sealed Isobu, the 3 tailed biiju inside Rin and had planned to unlock the seal as soon as Rin reached Konoha, hence destroying the Land of Fire! Kakashi on the other hand went to rescue Rin, he managed to rescue her, but was followed by the ANBU of the mist.

Why did Kakashi kill rin?

Why did Kakashi kill rin?

Rin, knew the Mist’s plan, hence she asked Kakashi to kill her. But, Kakashi hesitated as he not didn’t want to kill his comrade and also not break the promise he had given to his dear friend Obito Uchiha. So, Rin decided to take it on herself- When Kakashi was about to strike a Mist shinobi, Rin jumped in between and got herself killed by Chidori. Truly, a great shinobi, ins’t she? She sacrificed her life for the sake of her village! This is the real reason why Rin jumped in front of Kakashi. She wanted to protect not just Konoha but Kakashi as well. 

Rin’s death left a scar on Kakashi’s life. He was depressed. He hated himself for not being able to keep up to the promise. It was shit but he got better with time and went on to become one of the greatest Hokage of all time.

Wait, That’s not all! There is another epic twist to this awesome story. Don’t want to know that? 

Spoilers ahead!



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