Why did Itachi kill the whole uchiha clan?

Itachi is a double agent

Shisui Uchiha, Itachi’s best friend and adviser was worried about the clan’s affairs as well.

He along with Shisui shared the burden of stopping the  coup d’état. Shisui had planned to stop his fellow Uchiha’s using Kotoamatsukami, but Danzo did not trust him.

When Shisui was about to stop the coup d’tat, Danzo stole his eye without a second thought. This left him half blind. . With no more options left on the plate, Shisui, entrusted his other eye to Itachi and asked him to protect Konoha and the Uchiha name.

He then, committed suicide by drowning into the Naka River. This incident activated Itachi’s Mangekyou sharingan. Still, Why did itachi kill the uchihas? We’re coming to that-

Itachi's true story

The true story of Itachi

Why did Itachi kill his parents?

Now it was just Itachi, there was no one else, he had to do something to save Konoha from the coup d’état. Itachi was on the brink of defeat. Taking the final words of Shisui Uchiha he decided to protect the Uchiha name as well as Konoha safely.

It sucked but the only way to do it was through sacrifice. He had two options, either sacrifice the love of his parents or sacrifice the love he had for the village.

Itachi decided to sacrifice the love of his parents. Without having second thoughts Itachi went ahead to kill his parents. But his father Fugaku Uchiha decided to not go on a death battle against his son as it was the last thing he wanted.

Fugaku Uchiha had the Mangekyo Sharingan as well, there was a high chance he could beat Itachi, but he didn’t as the father in him decided to take control and give up for the first time.

He along with Mikoto Uchiha (his mom) sacrificed their lives. But before that, they asked Itachi for a single favor. They asked Itachi to protect Sasuke, as he wasn’t involved in any of this.


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