Why did Itachi join the Akatsuki?

The term ‘Konoha’, village hidden in the leaves was coined by one of the most powerful Uchihas of all time, Madara. He along with Hashirama Senju laid the foundation for the village hidden in the leaves. Despite that, he was feared and despised by people in and around Konoha due to the nature of the Sharingan. Itachi joined the Akatsuki for two reasons, to protect Sasuke and the village from the shadows.

.As time passed, things got trickier, especially in Tobirama’s era, where he assigned the Uchihas to the police force and kept them on the border.The Uchihas were quick to realize this and their hate towards the village started building up over time. By the second great ninja war was over, their hate was at the peak.

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The Uchiha clan grew powerful and arrogant and decided to start a coup d’tat. But a single member from the clan changed the fate of the Uchihas, “Itachi”. Itachi met Obito Uchiha, and slaughtered the entire clan on that fateful day. He even had to kill the love of his life Izumi Uchiha, but before that he did put her through a  genjutsu, where she dreamed of all the good things that would’ve happened, had the coup d’tat not taken place.

Finally to sign things of, Itachi had to kill his parents. Fugaku Uchiha, Itachi’s father asked Itachi of a favor. He asked him to protect Sasuke till the end, hence Itachi joined the Akatsuki from where he can keep a close eye on Sasuke as well.


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