Who will be Yukihira Soma’s wife?

Soma X Megumi

The duo have done some serious things throughout this series including beating an alumni which isnt a walk in the park. A great duo and couple.

Even though her confidence is growing as the show is progression, she still finds it hard when it comes to expressing her feeling towards Soma.

With that being said, Soma too has never explicitly shown feelings towards Megumi. He’s been the same as always. Cheerful and competitive with everyone he meets.

From a personal perspective, this is the only ship which can compete with Soma X Erina. The rest will be a pipe dream.

Soma X Nikumi

A really cute couple and I feel they are made for each other. They go very well and she actually has a crush on him so it can work out. But realistically speaking, I highly doubt it other than the fans shipping it.

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