Who will be Yukihira Soma’s wife?

Souma will just casually ask her if she wants to hang out with him during the break before she can get the words out. He essentially says it is to show her his style up close, but to also get away from Azami for a while.

She enthusiastically accepts before becoming embarrassed and dialing it back a bit.Once back at his place, they will bond over some cooking conflict.

Erina gains a new appreciation for the “commoner” lifestyle and finally admits that Souma is a great cook. Jou is also back for the summer and subtely pushing the kids together as he sees Erina’s infatuation.

At some point, Souma starts to see her in a more romantic light and his dad finally tells him about “finding a woman to dedicate all of his cooking to.” Erina and Souma share their goals with one another, which turn out to be essentially the same (Become the best chef in the world and impress/surpass Jou) and develop a bit of a romantic rivalry from there.

Both wanting to be the best chef in the world intertwines their destinies further and brings the pair closer together.

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