Who will be Yukihira Soma’s wife?

Who will Yukihira Soma end up with?

Recently I got a question in the mail asking the following question.

Now yes, I am fully aware of the fact that Shokugeki no Soma is a cooking anime! But let’s get real for a moment. Soma is more than likely to end up with someone in the end of the anime. As much as people seem to be shipping NakariX soma, Megumi can’t be forgotten. She’s charming, sweet, (growing) confident and clearly has feelings for Soma-kun.

So, what do you think? Will it be Nakiri X Soma or Soma X Megumi or do you have anyone else in mind?

Does Erina have feelings for Soma?

Erina after hating Soma for so long has gone on to like him. But the tip of the iceberg was when she found out about Soma’s dad in the third season. With that being said, a relationship is between two people. How will Soma fall in love with Nakiri?

Here’s an interesting theory by reddit user u/Asianmist91

Soma X Erina

I assume it will happen after the two work together. Either they will get paired up during the last trial of the current arc or she accompanies him to his diner during the school break. It could possibly even be both.

During the finals, Souma can see Erina’s cooking up close and the change in her style as she begins to have fun while cooking. She essentially adapts the Yukihira style to show her father and Central that she is not on their side and that cooking should be more loose and unpredictable.

Once everything is over and everyone has passed, Erina will likely start to feel a bit closer to Souma. I’m sure he would have done something cool to push her over the edge during the final. She will then sheepishly try to ask him if she can visit his place to see where her idol cooks in order to get a better understanding of their cooking style. Of course this is only a half truth and she really just wants to spend more time with Souma, but isn’t able to spit it out.

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