Who killed the Yagura, the Fourth Mizukage?

Yagura- The fourth Mizukage

Yagura is one of the most powerful shinobi from the village Hidden in the Mist. So powerful that, he was able to  control the three tails at a very young age.

The village Hidden in the Mist was nicknamed the “Village of the Bloody Mist” during his reign. 

yagura, the fourth mizukage

When was the Bijuu sealed inside Yagura? Shortly after Rin’s death, the three tails was sealed into Yagura. He was only the third person who was able to fully control a Bijuu, the other two before him were Madara Uchiha and the first Hokage Hashirama Senju.

yagura the fourth mizukage

Yagura in Bijuu mode

The Akatsuki was formed around this time and Obito Uchiha masked as Madara Uchiha took control over Yagura and manipulated him.

After Hoshigaki Kisame killed Suikazan fuguki, he was appreciated by the Mizukage, only to realize he was being controlled.

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