Who are Mitsuki’s parents in Boruto?

Hi everybody! Kakashi-sensei here! From the Boruto manga and video’s that are out, we know Boruto is in a team with Sarada and Mitsuki. We also know that Sarada is the daughter of Sasuke and Sakura, making her the next generation of Uchiha. Mitsuki, however, is quite a mysterious character in my opinion. Because of that I think Mitsuki would be especially interesting to take a closer look at.


picture of Mitsuki, Boruto and Sarada in that specific order.

Team Konohamaru! Uzumaki Boruto, Uchiha Sarada and Mitsuki!

So, what do we really know about Mitsuki?

In Boruto: Naruto the Movie after the end-credits he finally mentions who his parents are. The thing is, he only mentions Orochimaru. Based on Mitsuki’s short haircut and lower voice, I assume he is a boy. This would make him the son of Orochimaru. When Sarada hears that (one of) his parent(s) is Orochimaru, she seems confused as the whether Orochimaru is actually Mitsuki’s father or his mothers.

Normally this would seem like a rather odd question, but as we all know Orochimaru is known for having some freakish (to put it lightly) liking towards human experimentation.

We can all agree that really anything is possible. But does that mean that Mitsuki only has one parent, Orochimaru? Indeed, it does.



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