Whose Death Had The Greatest Impact On One Piece ? Roger Or Whitebeard ?

Conclusion :


Even though Roger’s death started the golden age of pirates, the aftermath of Whitebeard’s death led to a terrifying sequence of events. In the long run all Roger did was to send the pirates to the sea but Whitebeard’s confirmation on the existence of One Piece caused skirmishes among vigorous pirates. The death of the pirate king might have constricted the emergence of the Yonko, but as it is, the Yonko were never allied with each other. However, Whitebeard’s death led to the formation of amalgamated pirates to repulse the Yonko’s to their feet and this itself is enough to cause an uproar in the New World. Whitebeard’s death served it’s purpose to the Blackbeard pirates in a unique way.


Thanks to Whitebeard, Blackbeard now possesses the strongest of the Paramecia type fruits that can destroy the world. Even the fleet admiral Sengoku desired retirement from his postions after the war of the best due to destruction caused by Whitebeard himself. This sequenced to a devastating battle between Akainu and Aokiji for the post of the Fleet admiral which inturn led to Akainu’s victory and the tie up of Aokiji and the Blackbeards.

After decent analysis of the trail of events that occured after Roger’s and Whitebeard’s death it can be concluded that Whitebeard had the most impact on the pirates, marines and the One Piece realm between the two.

That’s it for the list ? Nah not at all. With unfolding story in One Piece there might be a change in conclusion, so stay tuned and also comment below you opinions and thoughts on this.


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