Who Does Hachiman Hikigaya End Up With?

I’ve been wanting to write this post for quite sometime. I fire open the editor, gather the pictures and just when I’m about to get my thoughts together, I lose my shit and close my laptop. Unlike most light novels, Oregairu is different in the sense that it’s almost impossible to predict who Hachiman might actually end up with. As of the ending of second season, it was Yukino 90% and Yui 10%. But can he actually end up with someone else?

To begin with I’ll start the post with why Hachiman will end up with Yukino-

K hear goes, The list of possible partners of Hachiman-

Hachiman x Hiratsuka

This is one of the most sought out fanfic, and the reason Hachiman won’t end up with Hiratsuka Sensei is because of their age difference. Hiratsuka Sensei is more like a elder sister/friend/well wisher to him rather than a partner. I agree with the fact that they’ve had their moments but they’ll never end up together.

Hachiman X Miura Yumiko

Well, the answer is pretty obvious here. Miura clearly has no feelings for Hachiman neither does Miura. So it’s one easy crossmark on the list for me.


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