Which Akatsuki Member are you?

Which Akatsuki Member are you?

Akatsuki transcribes to Dawn or daybreak. There is lot of meaning in the name itself. Akatsuki was formed by Yahiko, Nagato and Konan initially to protect the Hidden village of rain and establish peace. Unexpectedly, Danzo and Hanzo tricked them and got Yahiko killed!

A new Akatsuki was formed with the mission of bringing peace to world by means of PAIN, the group of ninjas were led by PAIN and controlled by Uchiha Obito.

Intially there were many Akatsuki member, when the time came the number decreased to just 10 but they were powerful enough to destroy a nation all by themselves.

All of them had their own backstory’s and vision of peace, but none of showed it. So the akatsuki members are not evil, they were good people who took a different path to establish peace. That’s what makes them Badass! Let’s see which Akatsuki member you are-

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