What’s The Message In Black Mirror: Bandersnatch?

Great shows come with great messages. It has always been the case. Every episode of Black Mirror had a underlying message. While those were pretty straightforward, what was the hidden message in Black Mirror: Bandersnatch?

In Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, the hidden message is the illusion of choice. We often find ourselves at the intersection of things, with no idea on what our selection is going to grant us. Depending upon what you choose, your life can improve or worsen with time. Even if you calculate and forecast, things never go the way you want it to go.

black mirror bandersnatch quotes

In Black Mirror: Bandersnatch,  the same rule applies. You hit the wrong button and you end up on the wrong side of the fence. Completely messed up and going back in time. The paradox of choice is often used by Marketing gurus to tune you the way they want.

So, you’re saying the paradox of choice is the hidden message? Nope. The hidden message is on how we need to make decisions. At the start Mr Thakur offers him a job fully supported by designers and developers, had he chose them he would’ve ended up losing everything. Even though the offer seemed lucrative, it wasn’t a sustainable choice. So, the message is always be aware of your surroundings, it helps you make clear decisions.

This is my personal interpretation. If you have your own version, do put it in the comments below, I’d be more than interested to look at things from your perspective.

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