What would have happened if Danzo wasn’t born?

Danzo, is one of the most hated man in the anime universe, the reasons being his strict ‘logic only’ actions. He is the one and only person responsible for the whole Naruto saga and let’s congratulate him for that first then head to my theory…

1) If Danzo hadn’t been born, there would’ve been no ANBU Root and Hiruzen would have been the sole decision maker in Konoha and could’ve stopped many wars with just peace talks, perhaps.

2)Orochimaru wouldn’t have had enough space or help for his experiments which would mean he wouldn’t have been as strong as he was now.


3)Akatsuki, means “the dawn”, and was formed to bring peace. Danzo along with Hanzo the Salamander killed Yahiko by using Konan as a bait! Cheap isn’t it? which in turn led to the creation of a new Akatsuki which was controlled by Tobi. The new Akatsuki took the path of pain instead of peace and we all know how that turned out… not good.


4) Itachi and Shisui Uchiha would’ve been alive and Shisui would’ve stopped the coup d’etat with Kotoamatsukami n would’ve been named the fifth Hokage!

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Yamato or Tenzo might not have been born. Yamato was born as a result of Orochimaru’s experiments which were supported by Danzo, if he hadn’t supported him he might not have been born at all. Then there wouldn’t have been a wood style user in Konoha and if the Fourth Great Ninja War would still happen, the white zetsus wouldn’t have been as strong as they were now either.

What do you think about Danzo? Do you still hate him or have a softcorner for him? Do let me know about it via the comments section below. Also do not forget to hit the Share button if you found this interesting!


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