What Was Kaori’s Illness?

Now let’s do a little reading on this deficiency:

Aplastic anemia develops when damage occurs to your bone marrow, slowing or shutting down the production of new blood cells (in simple terms).

People who have very severe aplastic anemia need emergency medical care in a hospital. Very severe aplastic anemia can be fatal if it’s not treated right away.

As the above para says, this type of Anaemia is “fatal” if good treatment is not met.

Treatments for Aplastic Anaemia:

This can be treated in various ways through Antibiotics, Blood Transfusions……etc. As far as I can see these methods are used to prolong the illness and can be use at only initial/primary stages of Aplastic Anaemia.

And it was seen in various scenes where Kaori was transfused with blood and most probably she was also injected with Antibiotics. But why the operation? She was shown to undergo an operation right?

Well Kaori underwent an operation and in my opinion it was probably Bone Marrow Transplant; to cure her illness or atleast extend it for some more time with a more healthy stance.

What is Bone Marrow Transplant?

A bone marrow transplant (BMT) is also called a stem cell transplant (SCT) or hematopoietic stem cell transplant (HSCT) and is also a way of treatment for Aplastic anemia. But for many patients, a BMT (bone marrow transplant) is not an option due to the risks and potential long-term side effects as an “imperfect cure”. But for Arima, Kaoiri can go to any lengths so that’s why she probably opted for this so that she could get to spend some healthy time with him.

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