What personality type is Shikamaru?

What personality type is Shikamaru?

Shikamaru is an INTJ personality type.

He’s introverted, tactical and a visionary. Let me give you three examples to prove this.

From the very beginning he was a tactical genius, destroying Temari during the Chunin exams, taking down Hidan with a plan unlike none, and even was the only genin to be promoted to a Chunin level. But that’s not all, from the very beginning he was a risk taker, a trait common in INTJ. This is the second case for Shikamaru INTJ.

Third and most important point. He was assigned as the Hokage’s deputy to help him build the village. Only, an architect or mastermind can aid him in doing this.

Shikamaru INTJ

If that’s not enough, here’s a detailed explanation by the Sharingan girl. All credits to the user.

Dominant- Introverted Intuition (Ni)

This can be seen when Shikamaru goes to fight Hidan. He researches his opponent to have the upper hand. He is the one who is consulted when it comes to planning strategies. He is known for having an exceptional IQ and enjoys strategy games such as shogi. He can overcome challenges which require exceptional abilities which he does not have many of simply by being a creative tactician. This helps him to be a genius planner and team leader from a young age.

Auxiliary- Extroverted Thinking (Te)

Like most INTJs, Shikamaru has a vision which he wishes to achieve. Although many people see him as lazy and therefore mistype him as INTP since INTPs stereotypically are known as the lazy genius, Shikamaru is not an INTP. (not all INTPs are lazy for that matter)  He might be lazy but he is alert when it comes to his duty to his nation and decides to help Naruto become Hokage. His main goal is to pass on the Will of Fire and make Konoha a safer place for the generations to come.

Tertiary- Introverted Feeling  (Fi)

Shikamaru like most INTJs rarely expresses his emotions as openly as the other characters of the series for example Naruto or Chouji, his teammate. This makes him appear impersonal but it also adds to advantage as a genius planner as he is able to use to his mind clearly while planning unlike someone like Naruto who often makes impulsive decisions because of his emotions.

Shikamaru cares for his friends but unlike the rest of the Konoha 9, he does not care for Sasuke because he cannot empathize with him and initially believes that he should be treated like a criminal. He is able to form connections with Chouji, Naruto and for that matter Asuma because on some level he is able to empathize with them.

The Fi grants him the ability to dedicate himself to the Will of Fire since he is able to put his duty to his village above his own life. Shikamaru unlike many fictional INTJs has a fully developed and healthy Fi.

Inferior- Extroverted Sensing (Se)

A portion of Shikamaru’s skill in strategy comes from his ability to scan a situation and gather everything he needs from the present situation. He uses the trees to his advantage with fighting Tayuya, and uses something even as simple as a wall to overcome his opponent in the Chunin Exams. Shikamaru, in his leisure time, enjoys kicking back and watching the clouds. It’s one of the few things that genuinely soothes him in a sensory manner.


Personally, I believe Shikamaru is an INTJ. What do you guys think?

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