What is Mitsuki’s Will?

Mitsuki is a part of Orochimaru’s grand plan

Right from the start of the series Mitsuki is seen meeting up with Orochimaru and his sub ordinates and often talking in a distorted manner. We don’t know what Orochimaru’s reason for sending Mitsuki is but let’s hope that it ain’t something evil. The village elders frowned upon the fact that he was the son of Orochimaru, but when Naruto told him that he was collaborating with him on Otsutsuki research, the elders took a step back.

…..but what if Orochimaru use the research to his advantage?

That’s when everything will get complicated. For the fans it’ll be another ride for sure. But for Konoha it is a threat level beyond imagination.

Let’s hope it doesn’t come to this, because we don’t want history to repeat. What do you guys, let me know via the comments section

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