What is Mitsuki’s Will?

Things took a rather unusual turn in episode 71 of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. Mitsuki left the village. In the next episode, we got see Mitsuki’s will. But what exactly is Mitsuki’s will?

In episode 39 of the series, both Orochimaru and Mitsuki were sent to retrieve memories from the villain Log. Upon recovering his memories, Mitsuki realizes that Log was the previous Mitsuki and he’s the sixth Mitsuki. He had two options, one was to stop Orochimaru from making more Mitsuki, the other being joining Log. His interests were conflicting, therefore he ended up awakening the dragon sage mode.

Sun and Moon: Understanding the relationship between Mitsuki and Boruto

Also in Naruto Gaiden: The road Illuminated by the full moon, the author has explained Mitsuki’s backstory well and good and why he’s obsessed with Boruto as well as how he is different. Orochimaru runs the same test on Mitsuki multiple times, each time wiping his memory if he fails. The test revolves around two options, if he chooses either he fails. He only succeeds upon finding the unknown 3rd option.

Mitsuki sage mode wallpaper

When he does this, he is rewarded with as much information about Boruto as possible. That’s when he decides Boruto is his sun and he’s the moon.

What is Mitsuki’s will?

Mitsuki sage mode wallpaper

In the previous episode Mitsuki was confused whether the way he felt about Boruto was indeed true since he had to leave the village for a greater mission. He was likely able to confirm that well in advance and leave a note as well with the help of his snake which Boruto rescued from the forest. But what exactly is Mitsuki’s will? let’s theorize-

He’s part of the Otsutsuki clan?

If there’s anyone other than Orochimaru with whom you can draw similarities about Mitsuki then it’s Toneri who first appeared in the movie Naruto: Boruto the movie. Their eyes are similar, both are indeed powerful. but we don’t know anything for sure considering there’s lot of mystery around the series including Kawaki, Otsutsuki, and more.

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