[ANALYSIS]: Was Light Yagami Actually Evil?

#3 The interference of L changed Light!

Light vs L

Image Credit: Sunsakura DevianArt

At the start of the series, it was just Light against criminals. But, things changed with the arrival of L. He managed to track him down in a week, only to be bound by lack of evidence.

Due to this, a battle ensured between both of them and this changed it all. In the start Light’s plan was to remove all the evil, but now he had focus all his attention on L as a single mistake would cost him dearly.

To add to the woes, he was constantly monitored, leaving him almost no openings to do things which he initially planned out to do.


The interference of L definitely was the key to Light turning into a psychopath. With L concentrating all his energy on him, he didn’t have a moment to look the other way.

Final Conclusion….

Was Light evil? I’ll let you decide. All I can say is this, Light Yagami was a victim of the circumstances and power. He started off with good intentions only to be bound by evil.



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