What are some Underrated Manga you have read or are reading?

What are some Underrated Manga you have read or are


It’s sad to realize that with so much manga being produced, that there are series that are overlooked and under-read. Maybe it’s due to bad timing or not enough marketing, but here are some good manga that have been ignored by wider audiences.


1. RiN

Mangaka: Harold Sakuishi

Genre: Drama / Romance / Slice of Life / Supernatural

Volumes: 14 (complete)

Quick pitch: Fushimi is a high school student who dreams of becoming a mangaka. However, he has trouble getting his works published because his stories are a little too off-beat. His luck may change after meeting a model named Rin, who has psychic powers.


2. Akumetsu

Mangaka: Yoshiaki Tabata (writer) / Yuki Yugo (artist)

Genre: Action / Comedy / Psychological

Volumes: 18 (complete)

Quick pitch: Nagasawa Shina and Hazama Shou are friends in high school. When Shina learns her father’s company went bankrupt, she sells herself into prostitution to help ease their financial strain. Shina’s first job is interrupted by a masked man named Akumetsu…who she recognizes as Shou. After the violent encounter, Shou promises Shina that he will change Japan.


3. Shounen Oujo

Mangaka: Utako Yukihiro

Genre: Adventure / Drama / Historical / Mystery / Tragedy

Volumes: 5 (ongoing)

Quick pitch: Albert is a poor boy who is abducted by slavers and is purchased to become Princess Alexia Lumiere’s servant. The princess reveals that Albert was purchased so that he may serve as her body double so that she can leave the castle and have a normal childhood. Princess Alexia promises to release Albert after her coming-of-age ceremony, but she is assassinated before she can fulfill her promise. Wanting to prevent political turmoil, Albert decides to continue acting as the princess.


4. Bokura no Hentai

Mangaka: Fumiko Fumi

Genre: Drama / Psychological / Romance / Shounen-ai

Volumes: 10 (complete)

Quick pitch: Three junior high children meet through a cross-dressing community and they quickly learn about each other’s varying reasons for cross-dressing. “Parou” wants to attract a heterosexual boy he likes, “Marika” is transgender and identifies as female, and “Yui” dresses as his older sister after her death.


5. Kasane

Mangaka: Daruma Matsuura

Genre: Drama / Horror / Psychological / Supernatural / Suspense / Tragedy

Volumes: 11 (ongoing)

Quick pitch: Fuchi Kasane is the daughter of a successful and beautiful actress, while she is bullied for being ugly. Before Fuchi’s mom passes away, she is given a special lipstick and is given special instructions: if her life becomes too difficult, all she needs to do is put on the lipstick and kiss whatever she desires.


6. Kokou no Hito

Mangaka: Shinichi Sakamoto / Yoshirō Nabeda (co-writer)

Genre: Adventure / Drama

Volumes: 17 (complete)

Quick pitch: Mori Buntarou is an introvert. But after transferring to a new school, Mori is dared by a classmate to climb the school building. The rush of adrenaline fills Mori and awakens his love for mountain climbing.


7. Kono Oto Tomare!

Mangaka: Amyuu Sakura

Genre: Drama / Romance

Volumes: 14 (ongoing)

Quick pitch: Takezou is the sole member of the Koto (a traditional Japanese string instrument) club following the graduation of the senior members. At the start of a new school year, Takezou wants to recruit new members to prevent the Koto club’s termination, but he didn’t expect a student to barge into the club room and demand to become a member.


8. Real Account

Mangaka: Okushou (writer) / Shizumu Watanabe (artist)

Genre: Adventure / Comedy / Drama / Science Fiction / Psychological

Volumes: 14 (ongoing)

Quick pitch: Japan has been taken by storm by a social network called Real Account and it quickly becomes a part of daily life. Ataru Kashiwagi has no social life outside of Real Account and he has 1,500 thanks to falsified information. However, his online presence draws the attention of Real Account’s creators, who take him and the ten thousand most popular users into cyberspace. There, they are forced to participate in a televised death game. In order to win, the participated must convince their followers to put their lives on the line.

What are your favorite underrated manga series?

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