The Hidden Meaning In Sharingan Jutsus!

The Sharingan meaning Copy Wheel Eye is the doujutsu of the famed Uchiha clan. It’s highly regarded as one of the three great doujutsu which include Byakyugan and Rinnegan.

While most of it’s powers were manifested from Kaguya’s Rinne Sharingan, it’s true form was manifested by Indra Otsutsuki. But, what’s interesting here is the fact that the Mangekyo Sharingan’s Jutsu’s are directly named after Japanese Shinto dietes. You heard it right, “Japanese Shinto deities”.

  1. Amaterasu: The Shinto Sun Goddess.That’s why the black flames are said to be as hot as the sun.
  2. Susanoo: The God of Storms.
  3. Kamui: The god of time.
  4. Tsukuyomi: The Shinto God of Moon.
  5. Izanagi: The Father of all  Shinto Gods.
  6. Izanami: Izanami is Izanagi’s wife and is considered as the mother of all gods.

Bonus: The Hidden meanings behind the names of Rinnegan.

The six paths of Rinnegan are named after Hindu gods, a religion prominent in India and Southern Asia. The same philosophy was later adopted by Buddhism.

  1. Deva: They were the gods or angels who controlled the different elements of nature. The devas included Indra, the god of rain, Agni the god of fire and so on.
  2. Asura: The Asuras , also known as rakshasas were demons who always fought with the Devas.
  3. Human: They’re just like you, average beings.
  4. Animal: Any mortal creature other than a human.
  5. Preta: Preta in sanskrit refers to ghosts. They’re basically ghosts that can never move on from their previous lives.
  6. Naraka: Its the Sanskrit word for Hell. A realm of eternal punishments.

Also, the sons of Hogoromo Otsutsuki , Indra and Asura were named after the Hindu god of rain and the demons respectively. Fascinating,isn’t it?

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