Top 10 One Piece Collectibles That You Should Buy

One Piece is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda. The official website for Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece manga announced that the manga has set a Guinness World Record for “the most copies published for the same comic book series by a single author”. As of November 2016, the manga has 406 million copies printed worldwide, making it the best-selling manga series in history.

Its quite natural for avid One Piece fans to show their love and respect to this popular series. How can you show love? Love is not physical right?

Yeah, you can show love and its highest form of fandom by collecting cool One Piece merchandise. Often time One Piece devotees would to love to buy this cool stuff and merchandise of One Piece but are bothered by the pricing and the quality of the products. But worry not because this One Piece store got you all covered and set to express your fandom in this Otaku world.

They have a variety of over 200 unique products ranging from Tees to character figures to everything that you wanna buy at nominal prices!!! Let’s now see their top 10 products, shall we?

10. One Piece Bracelets and Bangles

This is an adjustable One Piece Bracelet with a Strawhat jolly roger on it.

Why buy this product?

“Because we are Nakama” ~Luffy

‘Nakama’, an important them word that plays a vital role among the strawhats. And if you are a strawhat fan then this product is a must as it not only has an aura of “Mugiwara no Ichimi” but it also has a modern outlook to it. You can show your One Piece pride by wearing it or you can also gift it to your ‘Nakama’.

Buy this here at One Piece Collectibles


9. Nico Robin Action Figure Statue 17 cm

Nico Robin has quite the fanbase and especially after the Cp9 arc. Some people like Robin for her tranquil character while others for her beauty. And it has become a common trend among One Piece fans to showcase the action figure of their favourite character in their room, or on their desk. The bodysuit of this action figure displays the one worn by Robin in the Dressrosa Arc and yeah this outfit made her our girl in that arc. This is a must product if you are a rigid fan of Nico Robin.

Buy this product here


8. One Piece Jolly Roger Necklace Pendant

This product comes in 3 different variants of your own choice. Whether you want Straw hats jolly roger, Zoro’s or Whitebeard pirates, they got you all covered here. This product has classic touch to it and a nicely designed pendant. You can either wear it yourself or gift it to anyone you know. Either way it looks good on anyone.

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7. One Piece Luffy Jolly Roger Backpack

This product can be used by anyone. You can use this as a travel bagpack, or wear it to your college and literally use it for anything. This is an elegant product and has a Strawhat pirtaes Jolly Roger on it, so it makes worth the purchase!!!

You can buy this product from here


6. Monkey D. Luffy Action Figure

What do we have here now? It’s our favourite charater from the entire series. Not just some but everyone deserves to have the figure of the man who will become the king of the pirates one day. This product is also very special as Luffy is imbued in Haki and kick some ass, not to mention the fact that it comes at minimal price. This product makes the dream of every One Piece fan come true!!! I don’t really need to describe more about this product becuase you already made your mind to buy this product at any cost.

Buy this only at one piece one stop store


5. Luffy, Zoro And Ace Colour Changing Mug

This here is an amazing product because this is not a normal drink-up-the-dire mug. This is a cool colour changing mug that changes when heated. It comes in 4 different designs. The designs are of Luffy in Gear 4th (with a stern look on his face), Zoro and Ace in his trademark posture. You can select any one of these and believe me “the colour changes”. My favourite one among these is Portgas D. Ace mug, which one is yours?

You can buy this one by clicking <<<here >>>


4. Fluorescent Tees

These are uniquely designed One Piece T-shirts that emit radiation from the design. These tees particularly stick out in the dark and leave the viewers stupefied. There are many designs to choose from and comes in all sizes. It also has different characters with spectral designs to fulfill your thirst, from Whitebeard’s jolly Roger to Trafalgar Law.

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3. Monkey D. Luffy Watch For Kids

These are some Jelly cartoon watches for our little kids. They come in wide variety and different colours. You can gift it your young ones and see their faces blossom, what a sight!!! This product has other popular character’s front as well like Pikachu and Batman on the dial besides Moneky D. Luffy. This makes a perfect present to our siblings 🙂

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2. One Piece Figure set 9 Pieces

If you never hit a jackpot in your life, then you certainly hit one with this store. This particular product has 9 pices per set with distinct looking figures at the cheapest price available anywhere!!! And there are 4 sets to choose from, each set differs from the other in outfits of the memebers. Of course there are currently 9 members in the strawhats and you get to have them all in just 1 set of your choice. So all you have to do is choose your preferred outfit of the straw hats and hit the buy button and yikess!!! the jackpot will be delivered to you in no time.

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1. One Piece Classy Tees

Tees are one of the most purchased merchandise in all sorts of fandom. This store has some of the best ‘classy’ tees that are convenient to wear and show off anywhere. These tees come in all sizes and colours of your choice with your favourite charater’s design on it. One of the best thing about this product is that its simple but elegant, easily a look out for and best thing an avid One Piece fan can have!!! Buy your favourite tees from <<<here>>>

So that’s it for today everyone, see you in my next article and be sure to check and hurry up because they have a discount of upto 80% on all items. Grab yours now and show your Otaku pride like everyone else.


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