Top 10 Facts You Don’t Know About Hashirama Senju

Shinobi are people who endure to achieve their goals… but depending on what they choose as their goal they change… like Madara and I…

 – Hashirama Senju

Hashirama Senju, also known as the ‘God of Shinob’ left a very big impact in the world of Naruto. Not only was he solicitous about the Shinobi world but he also went to the extent of asking Madara to kill him so as to get on equal terms for Izuna’s death, this shows his fair-judgemental nature.

Then let’s get started with the facts already.

10. Hashirama’s birthday is on 23rd of October and his blood group is B.


9. The word “Hashirama” in Japanese refers to the space between two pillars. His name might be a play on the word “pillar” since the Hokage is voiced often to be a pillar that supports the village.


8. Despite having cast genjutsu in the series, Yin Release is not listed as one of Hashirama’s natures in the fourth databook.


7. Hashirama’s favourite food was mushroom mixed soup.


6. Hashirama’s hobbies were bonsai (art of growing miniature trees in containers or pots) and wood sculpting (branch of the visual arts that operates in three dimensions by carving stone or wood).


5. His face on the Hokage Rock has a crack across the bridge of the nose. This crack is not present in flashback depictions of the Rock.


4. Hashirama’s family name “Senju” literally means “thousand hands”.


3. Hashirama and Yoshimura from tokyo ghoul share the same japanese voice actor Takayuki Sugō.



2. Although the Senjus owe part of their fame as the “Senju clan of the forest” to the Wood Release, Hashirama Senju was the only clan member known to be able to use it.


1. Hashirama’s face appears within the fireworks in the omake (extras) of Shippūden episode 129.


That’s it for the list ? Nah, not at all. There are still many facts about Hashirama that we didn’t cover in this session, but be sure to comment below if I missed any important or interesting facts and I will make it a priority to add them ASAP………

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