When is Tokyo Ghoul season 3 coming?

The leaves have dried, it’s the end of summer. No matter how I look at things, the wait for tokyo ghoul is never ending. Tokyo Ghoul, a dark fantasy manga by Ishida Sui, was originally adapted into an anime in 2011 and it got it’s second season only 3 years later. Despite creating lot of commotion, the third season is taking forever to come out, with rumors going in and out every spring.

Back in 2015, Funimation teased the fans with a trailer.But all that came out of the commotion was a mobile game. Fast forward to February 2017, the studio released a trailer to their live action movie.

Has Tokyo Ghoul season 3 been cancelled?

According to a report by Comicbook, the reason Studio Pierrot is hesitant to pursue further is because of the mixed response from fans after season 2. Many fans criticized how it deviated from the manga, the pace and characterization. As of now, there are over 120 chapters yet to be serialized, making the fandom anxious.

However, the biggest conflict isn’t the story, but rather the live action movie which was announced back in February 2017. Until the movie comes out, the future of anime is unsure. If a third season of tokyo ghoul is going to be released, it’d probably be in the fall of 2018, i.e after the fans are finally over the movie.

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