We Need To Have A Mask That We Never Take OF – UTA from Tokyo Ghoul

I have watched Tokyo Ghoul over 10 times, trying to decode each and every line. The reason being, the anime is too realistic, not in the sense that we are dealing with ghoul and flesh eating animals, instead that we can always be a victim of fate no matter how good things were once.

Hence I decided to decode Uta’s quote from tokyo ghoul which states that-

We need to have a mask that we never take of

According to Japanese myth, people have three faces. One, which they show the whole world, two, which we show our loved ones and three, exists only in the deepest layer of our heart.

In the world of ghouls, staying alive is a challenge. They need to not only ward off CCG’s but other ghouls as well. Uta is a symbol for that.

Masks are a part of Japanese culture from as early as 1023 BC, symbolizing feelings and expressions. There are different types of masks, some of them are Noh, Hanya and Kabuki.

Noh masks have to be very light because they are worn throughout a performance that lasts for several hours. They are carved from one piece of cypress wood. After the masks has been carved to the desired thickness, holes for eyes, nose and mouth have been cut, it is then coated with layers of gesso mixed with glue.


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