OMFG:Tokyo Ghoul Live action movie coming soon!

Tokyo Ghoul after 2 successful seasons is now getting it’s own live action movie. Even though the release of the tokyo ghoul season 3 has been delayed, there won’t be any delays in this as Ishida is directly involved with the movie.  Hopefully, the cast will be japanese, as if people from other industries pop-up, it’ll make it less authentic and there will be no originality. But who’s going to sponsor or produce, that’s the big question, Warner Bros recently dropped Death Note Live action movie and Netflix picked it up, so it’s going to be someone other than that. Another question that comes to my mind is “will this movie actually make a cut?”. Like Tokyo Ghoul, sometime back Attack On Titan got it’s own movie and it was criticized by everyone. The movie was total shit! As of the release date or starting of production we have got no clue, as nothing other than the headline has been revealed! Let’s hope they don’t make this movie as bad as AOT and offers us something beautiful!

tokyo ghoul live action movie

What do you guys think? Will the movie do justice to the anime and manga? Let us know about it via the comments section. Before you leave do check out the awesome tokyo ghoul wallpapers we have collected for you 🙂 Also do not forget to share this news with fellow otakus 🙂 #Dattebayo

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