This Is The Sad Reality Of Being An Anime Fan In India!

  • Feeling out-of-place or odd-one-out in a class when everyone’s talking about the latest season of Game Of Thrones, Sherlock!, Splitsvilla, Sas Bahu …

When you don’t *beeping* have a single person to talk about the greatness of the first episode of Tokyo Ghoul: Re or the fact that Steins Gate is coming back!

Sadly, you feel isolated! 🙁

“Damn, I’m that lone black bird out there,” you come to a sad realization.

  • But … in case if you ever happen to run across a fellow Anime enthusiast as such you be it in bus, train, your school, college fest or whatever … that’s the best moment ever for both of you .

You know, instant connection develops, as if we can see right through each other. #AnimeBrotherhood at it’s best.

 This answer originally appeared on Quora and was written by Manish Kumar Ghora, All the credits go to this wonderful guy

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