This Is The Sad Reality Of Being An Anime Fan In India!

  • Anime Service in India. Practically Non-existent!

So, Japan has over 100+ channels that airs anime. Well, that’s not a surprise, is it?

Sir, India has how many? – One, at best … (though even Toonami, hardly qualifies)

To add to that, Not even a single anime movie gets premiered.

Let’s have a minute of silence for all those poor Otaku souls!

  • Mainstream ‘Anime’ on TV in India be like

  • We practically live on Internet!

Internet’s the ONLY source to watch anime and read manga in our country. On the hindsight that kinda, eats up a lot of time!

Had it been TV, we could have learned to keep ourselves in moderation.

Apart from streaming animes, we connect ourselves socially on other platforms where many anime fans come together and talk.

In that moment we realize, “This is where I belong.”

  • The tip of our finger moves faster than Madara when it comes to skipping channels like CN, Pogo, Nickelodeon, etc.

  • Anime Apparel/Merchandise

It’s one thing when you hear the price of a merch to be $80,

But it doesn’t take long to bring you down when you hear that an additional $100 Shipping Charge. comes burdened along with it.

(Well yes, Shipping Charges do surpass even the original item cost most of the time)


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