The Squad!

We are a group of otaku’s obsessed with Naruto and anything Anime.

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I go by the code name zeR0 on both the fan page and the site. Naruto has been lifesaver for me, everytime I felt outta this world, Naruto was the wall I leaned on. It’s more than just an anime for me. I’ve watched Naruto more than 15 times( the whole series). One of my favorite episodes is  PAIN vs Naruto. I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels the same. So why #zeR0? zeR0 refers to Code Geass’s protagonist, Lelouch! Itachi and Lelouch are my heroes. If I’m not watching anime, I code!


She’s our team’s granny ( not literally, she’s 23 years of age and pretty). She’s a bigger Naruto freak than any of us. Naruto has been a great a inspiration for her, it helped her bounce back in life when she was down. If you need advice on anything, granny is there for you 🙂


He is the one who started the page and brought us together. A 16 year old who is obsessed with anime. His favorite being Tokyo Ghoul. As of now he is busy with studies, but will be back when he has holidays 🙂


Unlike most admins here, Kvothe is a One piece nigga, whenever he gets time he makes sure to add some value to the blog!

#Kakashi Sensei

Programmer, Kakashi fan and a writer!


Another anime junkie who has seen more than 20 anime. He’s been afk too, but keeps in touch with everyone. If you need suggestion on which anime to watch next, you may ask him 😀


Not Itachi, not Naruto, he is a Gaara freak. All the quotes by Gaara are posted by him. Wanna talk about games? He’s the one you need to talk to!

#Itachi of the Sharingan

Itachi lover and a silent lover who loves commenting on our page’s photos rather than posting . jk!


The girl with Pink hair and a die hard Kakashi fan! She joined us when we our page had 12K likes, now its 99K, lady luck!


A died hard Sasuke fan, cat lover and a person with diverse opinions! I’m sure she’s your favorite admin on the page!

Wanna join our squad?Ping us! #Dattebayo