The impact of Hunter x Hunter

     I recently finished an amazing anime. It has laughs, it has tears, it has adventure and badass characters. It’s magical and its name is Hunter x Hunter.

      I heard about it before but I didn’t watch it because it has 148 episodes and I thought the series is too long, so I searched for other anime series with less episodes. After I failed to find such a series I decided to give Hunter x Hunter a shot. I just wanted “another anime to watch” but what I didn’t know is that I was about to embark on a journey that’d have a huge impact on me.

It all starts with Gon Freecs, a 12,year old boy that lives on Whale Island. His motivation to find his father is what drives him to take the Hunter Exam to become a Hunter himself. That’s where it all begins and Gon then makes friends for life when he meets Kurapika, Leorio and Killua, who will accompany him in his quest. The two then became inseparable.

Gon reminded me so much of the popular Naruto. They both are kindhearted and determined. Both characters start out weak but they become powerful and overcome their obstacles with the help of their friends. Also,the two characters can’t stand injustice and will react to it.

Killua Zoldyck 

Watch him smile and fall in love. 🙂

You watch anime and meet lots of characters, but then this sweetie comes along and changes everything. He became my favorite character in the series (and easily one of my favorites in anime) . I fell in love with him at the first sight and thought he’s the cutest anime character I’ve seen. Even though he comes from a family of assassins he has a soft side and becomes best friends with Gon. He holds his friends dear and values their friendship. He is always by Gon’s side and helps him numerous times in the anime. He is strong, sweet, darn cute, quite intelligent and has a playful attitude. He has it all. To be honest, I had to pause every time there was a scene in which he cried to go get the tissues and I have to mention that I usually don’t cry.


Gon and Killua, the inseparable team. 🙂

Because of the complex plot, beautifully written characters, soundtracks and adventurous side I believe Hunter x Hunter is a great anime and I recommend it. I promise, you won’t regret it. I think this anime deserves much more recognition and appreciation and can stack up with the best. 🙂

~UchihaGirl ?

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